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Practice Areas

We are predominantly a civil law practice, however, can act in any legal matter.
Civil and Criminal Litigation


Strict procedures are prescribed.  Without following these procedures, there will be delays and additional expenses for clients.  Our firm is able to offer a process which is precise and attains the resolution of the matter without delay.



Debt Recovery

We have a dedicated collections department dealing with high value commercial collections in the High Court and Magistrate’s Court.  We are pleased to be of assistance with the use of online tracing and investigation of debtors.  We accommodate client’s concerns, particularly regarding the economic viability of pursuing matters or otherwise.  Regular reports to clients detailing progress are made in these matters on an interim progressive basis.



Personal Injury Law

​Our firm enjoys a massive reputation for the successful resolution of personal injury law.

This includes motor vehicle accidents, other accidents, medical negligence, fatalities, serious injuries, product liability, wrongful arrests, as well as all other claims which are delictual in nature. 


In certain circumstance, we are able to offer our services on a contingency basis. 

Commercial Litigation

We offer tough representation in commercial litigation in the High Court and Magistrate’s Court. 


We are pleased to be of service in either the institution or defence of such matters.



​We are a fully electronic practice offering specialised conveyancing services for the transfer of legal title of property from one person to another, or the granting of an encumbrance such as a mortgage or a lien.

Family Law

Family relationships often result in divorce proceedings.  We assist in whatever way possible in order to regulate relationships between parents and children, spouses involved in a divorce action, as well as other areas of family law.


Divorce is very traumatic for families.  We are  able to assist in a firm and fair fashion in determining proprietary aspects  of divorce, custody of children, access to  children, maintenance  for  children and divorcing parties, and all aspects pertaining to divorce law.  We have the skill and commitment to guide clients through these difficult aspects with a view to the speedy and fair resolution thereof.  The rights and protection of minor children affected by the divorce are an integral part of this process.  In addition, we are able to confidentially, diligently and accurately assist with:


* Antenuptial Contracts, custody arrangements, maintenance issues and other family related matters.


We give advice on the formation of trusts, whether inter vivos or created by testament, and the amendment of trust deeds bearing in mind  their  usefulness  in estate planning and protection of assets.

Insolvency Law

We prepare and pursue applications to Court for the  liquidation  of  juristic  entities  and the sequestration of individuals.

Wills and Estate Planning

​We are able to offer expert advice in the drafting of Wills, estate planning, various Trusts, as well as the administration of deceased estates.

We store, at no charge, to the maker of the Will  their  original  Will  in  our  strongroom where we are appointed as executors to the estate.

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